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SSL Certificate Resellers

  • All the SSL Providers have reseller programs
  • Some Resellers sell "re-branded" SSL certificates, sometimes at inflated prices

I have seen an SSL Provider brand advertised that I have not seen featured on - why is that?
The brand you have seen probably belongs to a reseller. Resellers are organizations that will resell the SSL Provider's certificates, often at different prices to the SSL Provider themselves. Resellers are a great way to save a few bucks, but are also an easy way to pay more than you need to!

Be aware that some resellers will "re-brand" the SSL Provider's certificate, thereby masking who actually issues the certificate, and then offer their own re-branded certificates at inflated prices above the SRP of the SSL Provider themselves.

Real Examples of Overpriced SSL Certificates:
Due to popular demand has been asked to illustrate such examples of Resellers. The following companies resell Comodo SSL Certificates at premium prices:

XRamp SSL ( XRamp SSL resell:
$69 Comodo SSL Certificates at $89.95
- ( resell:
$69 Comodo 1 year SSL Certificates at $99.00
$119 Comodo 1 year SSL Certificates at $249
$199 Comodo 3 year SSL Certificates at $619

There are plenty more examples of such Resellers. If you are concerned about a SSL brand you have encountered that is not featured on please feel free to contact us and we will investigate and provide you with more details.

Don't be fooled by brands not featured on - if you see an SSL Certificate being sold under a brand that you do not see on, examine one of the reseller's example certificates before you buy. You will probably find that it has been issued by an SSL Provider featured here and will probably be available directly from the SSL Provider at a different cost, maybe even lower than the reseller offers it.

Once you know who will actually issue the SSL Certificate, we then recommend that you use our comparison table to help you decide which SSL Provider is best for you. Remember that resellers provide you with exactly the same certificate and features provided by the SSL Provider themselves, so make sure you know exactly what's what before paying!





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