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SSL Certificate Validation & Issuance

  • Good SSL certificate validation processes that have been audited by WebTrust are essential for trust from your customers
  • Fast issuance speed is essential for when you really need your SSL certificate now!

What are the different validation methods used by the CAs?

Manual Validation:
Involves the validation of domain name ownership and business legitimacy using humans. This process is traditionally slow and takes up to two working days, often longer.

A manually validated certificate usually contains the following information within the SSL certificate:

Example of an SSL Certificate which has been manually validated

Computers, databases and automated routines validate domain name ownership and business legitimacy. The process takes minutes rather than days. The GeoTrust QuickSSL product and FreeSSL and RapidSSL products use automated validation to issue SSL certificates within 10 minutes. Their automated validation processes are WebTrust compliant and use Domain Control validation and ChoicePoint (equivalent to Dun & Bradstreet) to validate the applicant before issuing the SSL certificate.

An automatically validated certificate, such as the GeoTrust or certificates, contain the following information within the certificate:

Example of an SSL Certificate which has been auto-validated

Note: If a CA is not WebTrust compliant its validation processes will not have been audited and accredited as being satisfactory and inline with the WebTrust guidelines for CAs.






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